Questions and Answers | by bestselling author Leo Angart
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Q & A


How long will I need to do the exercises?


It all depends on several factors, such as how strong your prescription is or how often you do vision training, for example.


Astigmatism can usually be addressed very quickly with vision training. We have had cases where people have been able to get rid of their mild astigmatism after just a few exercises. In most cases you will need to do the exercises for a number of days; in cases with very high degrees it can take a number of weeks.


If you have mild myopia of -1.0 dioptres or less, you will most likely only need to do the exercises for one or two weeks. If you have more severe myopia it will usually take longer to get back to natural clear eyesight. A more realistic and achievable goal is correcting your eyesight by about half a dioptre per month. In many cases, however, a correction of even one dioptre per month is possible.


People who have mild presbyopia generally have the quickest results. Many participants are astonished that they can already read the newspaper without glasses a day after starting the exercises. You should allocate around an hour a day to do the exercises. You will achieve the best results if you do the exercises every 15 minutes.



Will I have to do the exercises for the rest of my life?


No. Once you have regained your natural clear eyesight you will no longer need to do the exercises. You can live your life without glasses and eye exercises. Your vision issues normally don’t return. However, you should check your visual acuity from time to time. For example, read small text often to make sure you don’t become presbyopic again.


What should I know about Online Vision Training if I have a high prescription?


If you have a high prescription (high degree of dioptres) you should expect that vision training will take a longer period of time. That’s why it’s important to incorporate the exercises into your daily routine. It’s also important you reduce the power of your glasses/lenses gradually, commensurate with your success. If you have a high prescription it’s also important you relax your eyes. Doing the hot and cold towel exercise regularly, as well as palming and doing the energy exercise on a daily basis are essential.