Online Visiontraining by bestselling author Leo Angart
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Leo Angart

Leo Angart is originally from Denmark and was a corporate consultant for many years. He wasn’t happy with his severe myopia of -5.5 dioptres, and managed to get rid of his myopia entirely with visiontraining.

That was over 25 years ago. Today, Leo is over 70 years old and sees very well without glasses both up close, and in the distance.

He has been imparting his knowledge and experience in workshops and books for over 20 years. His book, “Improve Your Eyesight Naturally”, has been on the bestseller list for years.

He is constantly doing research and is currently working on another book.

Leo Angart’s Books

You can buy Leo’s Books here: Amazon/

Workshops with Leo Angart

Leo Angart is known all over the world for his books and vision training workshops for adults and children.

His workshops have been presented in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade and San Francisco. The seminars are organized by Leo Angart and his local staff.

You can find the current dates of the workshops here: Vision Training Workshops

Questions can also be sent directly to the local organizers or Leo Angart via this page.


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The support team of online visiontraining

We put a lot of emphasis on good individual support. We will gladly address your questions and comments and are always there for you. Send us an email at: or send us a message via our contact form.

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