Course to improve your vision | by bestselling author Leo Angart
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You can improve your vision and lower your dioptres with visiontraining, developed by bestselling author Leo Angart.

This is what you can achieve with online visiontraining

A new attitude towards life. It’s a lot easier to live your life without glasses or contact lenses.

Rested and relaxed eyes. Tired and dry eyes will be a thing of the past.

You will develop a new awareness of your eyes and what is good for them.

The Problem

Vision problems in industrialised nations are increasing. But glasses or contact lenses are just crutches. Your actual vision issues still exist –

and will most likely get worse over the years.

The Solution

Visiontraining works differently. By constantly doing specific exercises, you will target the actual cause of your vision problem(s). You will gradually improve your visual acuity and you will be able to get rid of your glasses. *Results may vary

Suitable for

People with myopia or presbyopia, astigmatism and eye coordination problems.

The only challenge: You must do the exercises regularly. Only then will you show improvements.

Online Visiontraining

per 24 weeks

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30 days money back guarantee

This is how easy online visiontraining is:

How often should I do the exercises?

For best results, do the exercises numerous times a day, for at least 3 minutes at a time. If that’s not possible for you to do at work, then you can do the exercises more intensively over the weekend.

How long do I need to do the excercises?

That depends on how high your dioptres are and how many times you do the exercises. The lower your dioptres and the more you do the exercises, the quicker the results will be.


When will I see first improvements?

Many participants already show improvement after the first week.

What about my glasses?

The lens power of your glasses or contact lenses should be reduced in line with your improvements, so that your eyes do not adjust again to the higher dioptres.

If you only wear reading glasses it is quite easy, as they are easily available in almost every supermarket or pharmacy.

You will learn exactly how to proceed when you do the online vision training course.

Leo Angart

Around 25 years ago I got rid of my myopia of -5.5 dioptres with vision training. Since then I have been able to enjoy life without glasses. You can do so too – with a little bit of patience and a lot of exercises!

 Leo Angart Signatur